A Brief Introduction of Original Buddhism Society & Sambodhi Sangha

A Brief Introduction of Original Buddhism Society

Sambodhi Sangha adheres to the compilation of the Suttas from the first council, acquiesces in the Sangha before the schism, continues the transmission of the Suttas from the Ananda lineage and Upali lineage, abides by the Theravadin Vinaya, and reinstate the orthodox sangha that follows the Sutta and the Vinaya .

To promote and pass down the true Buddha's teachings of Condition Arising and Four Noble Truths that are applicable to both mundane and supra-mundane worlds, Original Buddhism Societies are established in Taiwan, USA, Australia and Malaysia to provide guidance to the people to return to Buddha's path.

The objectives of Original Buddhism Society are to return to the Buddha's original teachings, to support a sangha that abides by the original teaching of the Buddha and vinaya, to be a society that adheres to the sutta and vinaya, respects the sangha and upholds equality in gender and separation of politics and religion.

A Brief Introduction of Sambodhi Sangha

Sambodhi Sangha's practice and cultivation is based on the seven Saṃyuttas common to the Southern lineage Theravada's Saṃyutta Nikāya and the Northern lineage's Saṃyukta-Āgama.. The seven Saṃyuttas are the earliest recorded teachings of the Buddha from the first council.

The practice of Sambodhi Sangha emphasizes the right view of “condition arising” and the insight into the body and mind, putting into practice the liberation from greed.

The monks and nuns communities of Sambodhi Sangha practice by meditate throughout the year. The monks and nuns do not accept, accumulate or use money, nor are there any attendants who manage money on their behalf.

Sambodhi Sangha propagates the original teachings of the Buddha in Taiwan as well as to other places around the world all year round, teaching the practice of Seven Factors of Enlightenment, and to attain in stages the three rounds and twelve aspects of the Four Noble Truths which put Buddha's teaching into real-life application, solving daily practical problems and leading towards a bright and successful life.

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